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Ganga Kutir: Guest Rooms

Ganga Kutir

Ganga Kutir, Resort and Spa, lies along the very edge of the Ganga as it flows majestically by the pastoral hamlet of Raichak-on-Ganges, about an hour and half's drive from Kolkata, West Bengal.

Created by Channa Daswatte, who is one of Sri Lanka's leading architects, the architecture is inspired by the structure of a small village or ashram community where the spaces in-between the buildings become almost more important than the buildings themselves.

All guest rooms have an enticing, sophisticated look and a host of personal amenities. Each room is replete with indulgence – be it the handcrafted decor or the day-bed nestled against the open-to-nature bay windows.

Ganga Kutir is designed to create personal havens that embrace the concept of 'luxury re-defined'.

The Bar, with its elegant dark-wood theme, luxurious furniture, stunningly illuminated by designer chandeliers, allows you to indulge in a fine selection of spirits in close proximity to the river.

Food is a celebration at Ganga Kutir - with gastronomic delights from around the world lovingly created with the best and freshest ingredients by gifted chefs. Needless to say, there is an eclectic collection of spirits to accompany you on your journey to gourmet heaven! And if you so desire, low-fat food, organic food or even simple 'ghar ka khaana' is also available at your bidding.

Ganga Kutir: The Spa

An architectural jewel houses the Spa which offers a plethora of options for rejuvenating the mind and body.

Specially trained therapists offer a plethora of treatment options from around the world to pamper you - Aromatherapy, Ayurvedic, Swedish, Javanese, Thai, Reflexology, Stone Therapy and other exotica.

A beautifully cosy library, clad in artwork and decorated with unique handcrafted bric-a-brac, houses a selection of books which cater to whatever catches your fancy - from whodunits to wisdom literature.

Rounding off the options for your holistic journey within, there is a 'bhavana madua' or 'meditation center', standing in serene solitude at the very edge of the river. Adding to the earthy feel and experience is the Goshala or cow shed nearby.

A cruise on Pari is a special indulgence that lets you experience the most enchanting moments on the river. Watch how the changing colours of nature reflect on the water during sunrise and sunset or just simply feel the breeze narrate its own song.

Ganga Kutir has been conceived for a very special, select few who will be pampered by the very best service. And to ensure that you are far from the madding crowd - there are only 16 rooms.


Promise of a memorable experience…

Ganga Kutir has been lovingly crafted for those achievers who have everything – except time. Time to indulge themselves and those they love. And Ganga Kutir offers many opportunities for indulgence. The view from the rooms or from the various tranquil niches offer harbours of peace where one can just watch time pass by in tune with the endless ripples of the Ganga. You can well sip a flute of champagne, immersed in the crystal waters of the pool, while you absorb the drama of the swirling river almost next to you.

Ganga Kutir is an experience away from the ordinary. We humbly welcome you to come and indulge yourself.

The inspiration…

Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore has played a formative role in defining 'Bengaliana' and the inspiration for Ganga Kutir also owes its origins to one of his poems, which is given below in a translated form -



For long I had wished for now,
In a quiet corner - somewhere, somehow
To live on my own, in a humble home -
Not wealth or fame, of which one must tire
But a simple sanctuary - that was my desire.

The kindly shadow of a tree; a river ever-flowing
At dusk just a star that would remain ever-glowing
Wafting through my window
The fragrance of the jasmine creeper
And the soft glow of daylight
Across the waters, growing deeper -
All this I would hold most dear
For the few days life offers
With its laughter and tears -
Not wealth or fame, of which one must tire
But a simple sanctuary - that was my desire.

Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore

(Translated by Jayabrato Chatterjee)

Ganga Kutir: Holiday Resorts by the Ganges

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